Informative Big Data Video

A nice, short, 2 minute video from edCetra Training with some good facts about big data and data analysis.

  • The digital universe is 10 times the size it was in 2006
  • Greater literacy and cloud computing are helping fuel big data
  • 80% of companies data is unstructured – difficult to analyze
  • Employees spend 2 hours per day searching for the right information






2 responses to “Informative Big Data Video”

  1. neilmillshill Avatar

    Hi Ryan, maybe’s a bit of a dope question but what’s your definition of the digital universe?

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for the question. In the context of the above video, I would say “digital universe” refers to the amount of data stored in a digital format. Does that make sense?
      Thanks for asking because I now see that “digital universe” could mean many different things.

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