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  • Visually becomes a Social Network

    Visual.ly recently announced the transition to a social network for data visualizations. Visual.ly aims to be the site for infographic designers. The site now has better profiles, an activity timeline, and more metrics about each infographic plus the ability to follow users. The new features are in preparation for a marketplace to be launched later…

  • Easel.ly Launches For Creating Infographics

    Easel.ly recently launched. It is a site for easily creating infographics. It looks pretty simple, but I am still not sure I have the artistic skills to make a good looking infographic. Infographics are still great for telling the story of your data.

  • Visually Launches

    Yesterday, Visual.ly launched a new way of creating infographics.  It claims to be able to “create free customizable infographics in seconds.” I have not tried it yet, but it is on my todo list.