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  • Expand Your Data Science Toolbelt with 3 Predictive Model Tests

    The team at Software Advice recently published a slide deck outlining 3 techniques for testing the accuracy of predictive models. The 3 techniques are: Lift Charts and Decile Tables Target Shuffling Bootstrap Depending upon you situation, goals, and dataset; all 3 are worthy tests. I would say bootstrap is the most common of the 3,…

  • Why You Should Care About Data Science [slides]

    These are some slides from a talk I gave at South Dakota Code Camp. I also could have titled the presentation, “How to Learn Data Science.” Also, the slides contain lots of links to other resources. Enjoy!

  • Nice Intro to Data Science Slides

    Paco Nathan put together a nice slide deck about Data Science for Enterprise Big Data. Slide 9 contains a great list of valuable skills for a data scientist. Also, it is worth going through the entire set of slides, since slides 48 and 49 contain a valuable list of tools and algorithms. Enjoy!