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  • Nuts About Data Book Review

    Nuts About Data Book Review

    Nuts about Data, is a fun introductory book about the data science process. Meor Amer tells a witty story about squirrels, mining for nuts, teamwork, and survival.

  • The Goal is Data Products: Now How Do We Get There?

    The primary output of data science is data products. Data products can be anything from a list of recommendations to a dashboard to a single chart or any other product that aides in making a more informed decision. In the end, data science should produce some usable results, and those results are the data product.…

  • Data Mining Standard Processes

    There are a couple of standard processes for approaching data mining problems. CRISP-DM The most common approach is Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). Steps of CRISP-DM Business Understanding Data Understanding Data Preparation Modeling Evaluation Deployment The steps are mostly self-explanatory, but the CRISP-DM wikipedia page has a lengthier description. SEMMA The second…

  • Big Data Delivery

    I felt the article, The 7 steps in Big Data delivery, was worth sharing. Here was my favorite quote from the article: Most staff members charged with researching and acquiring Big Data solutions focus on the Collect and Store steps at the expense of the others. Big Data and Data Science are more than just…