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  • The 3 Stages of Data Science

    Businesses everywhere are racing to extract meaningful insight from their data. Many organizations are spinning up data science teams and attacking problems (some more successful than others). However, one of the challenges is determining the current stage of data science within the organization. Next is determining the desired stage of data science. Below are 3…

  • 10 R packages

    Yhat, a new predictive modeling startup, wrote up a nice blog post about 10 R Packages I wish I knew about earlier. It is worth reading through the list. Special Thanks to Mark Nickel for pointing out this link.

  • Levels of Data Analysis

    The list is ordered according to the level of difficulty. Descriptive just describe the data, common for census type of data Exploratory find relationships that were not clear beforehand, useful for defining future studies, remember correlation does not imply causation Inferential use a small dataset to say something about a larger population, most common goal…