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  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta 8

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta 8

    It is the days between Christmas and New Years, so the there is not much news to share. Here are the few bits of information I could find. News AWS Deep Learning Containers now support Tensorflow 2.0AWS Deep Learning Containers are docker images which are preconfigured for deep learning tasks. Now they support Tensorflow 2.0.…

  • Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Data mining is the process of discovering these patterns among the data and is therefore also known as Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD).

  • Demos of NLP

    The Cognitive Computation Group at The University of Illinois has a number of Natural Language Processing (NLP) demos. They are fun to browse. They are all based on doing interesting things with plain text.

  • Free Textbook and Toolkit: Natural Language Processing with Python

    This is an online, HTML version of the book, Natural Language Processing with Python. The book is a companion for NLTK which is a free, open source toolkit, written in python, for Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • Free Natural Language Processing Book

    Natural Language Processing for the working Programmer Beyond the title, no more explanation is needed.

  • Data Analysis by Data Type

    Data analysis is performed in many different fields and on many different types of data. Most fields call it something different. The following list comes straight from Jeff Leek’s Data Analysis Coursera class. Name of Data Analysis by Data Type Biostatistics for medical data Data Science for data from web analytics Machine learning for data…

  • Data Science And Doctor Visits

    Electronic Doctor Visit I recently received a message from one of the local hospitals. It stated that I can now have an electronic visit with my doctor. Here is how I understand it works. I fill out a brief questionnaire explaining some of my symptoms and submit it online. Within one day, my doctor will…

  • Natural Language Processing Starts Today

    The Coursera Natural Language Processing course officially starts today.  Sign up and start learning.

  • More Free Courses from Stanford

    Also this spring, Stanford will be offering two more courses that might benefit a person learning data science. Probabilistic Graphical Models – combining ideas from statistics, probability, and computer science to solve really hard problems…sounds neat Natural Language Processing (NLP) – performing algorithms on human language and strings If you feel these 2 classes might…