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  • Brandon Rohrer – How Deep Neural Networks Work

    Brandon Rohrer – How Deep Neural Networks Work

    Brandon Rohrer is an expert in neural networks and deep learning. Plus, he makes really excellent videos about the topic. His entire YouTube Channel is worth viewing. See other top data science videos on the Data Science 101 video page.

  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Wow, the last two weeks were taken over by the flurry of announcements from Amazon. Even though Amazon is taking a break from announcements (probably focusing on Christmas shoppers), there are still some updates in the cloud data science world. Here they are. News Google AutoML for Natural Language goes GAExtracting meaning from text is…

  • Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for March 23, 2018

    Apache Spark, Databricks, Neural Networks, University Partnerships, and water systems: Here are the latest articles from Microsoft regarding cloud data science products and updates. Training State-of-the-Art Neural Networks in the Microsoft Azure Cloud – I noticed that you said tested all of the code for your new deep learning book on the Microsoft Data Science…

  • Deep Learning Coursera Specialization

    Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera and Deep Learning Expert, is launching a new specialization on Coursera. Details can be found at DeepLearning.ai or the Deep Learning Specialization Page. The specialization consists of 5 courses. They are free to audit and watch the videos. There is a fee to get graded assignments and receive a certificate…

  • Deep Learning Research Paper Lists for Summer 2017

    Deep Learning Research Paper Lists for Summer 2017

    A timeline of Deep Learning papers (with download links) written since 2011 A large collection of Deep Learning papers broken out by specific topic. It also includes ratings. A list of papers to compliment Deep Learning Book The last links are not official academic papers, but they are quite good resources on deep learning. Revolution…

  • TensorKart and Neural Networks for MarioKart

    Kevin Hughes used TensorFlow to train a Neural Network to play MarioKart. He calls it TensorKart. See his post for more details. It is a nice blog post and sounds like a fun project.Sorry, the video has no sound.

  • Deep Learning Summer School 2016 Videos

    Deep Learning Summer School, Montreal 2016 is aimed at graduate students and industrial engineers and researchers who already have some basic knowledge of machine learning (and possibly but not necessarily of deep learning) and wish to learn more about this rapidly growing field of research. If that is you, there are plenty of videos to…

  • Machine Learning to Play Super Mario

    A fun video to watch. Very Impressive! The technique uses a genetic algorithm to training a neural network. A paper with more details can be found at, Evolving Neural Networks through Augmenting Topologies (NEAT)

  • Learn some Deep Learning in 2015

    Here are some great resources to kickstart your deep learning. Deep Learning in Nutshell – nicely detailed blog post Deep Learning Resources – so many good resources, more than I will list here, follow the link Deep Learning Tutorial – just like the title says Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled – Proof that deep…

  • Deep Learning in Java

    Deep Learning is the hottest topic in all of data science right now. Adam Gibson, cofounder of Blix.io, has created an open source deep learning library for Java named DeepLearning4j. For those curious, DeepLearning4j is open sourced on github. Below is a video of Adam introducing deep learning and DeepLearning4j. Also, if you are interested…

  • Neural Network and Deep Learning Book

    Chapter 1 of Michael Nielsen’s Deep Learning Book is available online. The chapter provides an introduction to neural networks. When completed, the book will be completely free and open-source. You are welcome to contribute to the fundraising efforts for the book.

  • More Deep Learning Resources

    Recently, MIT Technology Review ran an article about the new uses of deep learning at Facebook. Facebook would like to use deep learning to understand more about its users. They have assembled quite a team. If you are looking to learn more about deep learning, Andrew Ng, cofounder of Coursera, has some course materials on…