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  • How Good Is Your Medicine?

    This is a great talk about how much clinical trial data is never published. It is a bit scary but definitely something people should be knowledgeable about.

  • StrataRx Free Online Conference

    Tomorrow, October 5, 2012, at 10am Pacific Time, O’Reilly will be hosting StrataRx. I have attended other Strata online conferences and they are good. So, if data science and personalized medicine are of interest to you, then you should signup.

  • Big Data and Medicine: Who is working on it?

    I previously posted about Data Science and Doctor Visits. What I would like to know. Who is working on data science problems for medicine? I would love to hear some answers to this. They can be individual researchers, startups, or established companies. If I get some responses, I will be sure to post a list…

  • Data Science And Doctor Visits

    Electronic Doctor Visit I recently received a message from one of the local hospitals. It stated that I can now have an electronic visit with my doctor. Here is how I understand it works. I fill out a brief questionnaire explaining some of my symptoms and submit it online. Within one day, my doctor will…