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  • Coursera Computational Methods of Data Analysis Started

    The Coursera class Computational Methods of Data Analysis started yesterday. There is still plenty of time to enroll in the class. This course assumes a good familiarity with calculus, linear algebra, and some basic programming. Thus, if your math background is weak or needs a refresher, you may not want to take this course. However,…

  • 5 Free Programming Languages for Data Science

    R There is a package for nearly any algorithm you will ever need. That is where R really excels. It is widely used and has a strong community. The only slight downfall (in my opinion) is the cumbersome syntax. Python A very good language for beginning programmers. The syntax is quite readable and intuitive. With…

  • Free Bayesian and Machine Learning Textbook

    David Barber, Computer Science Professor at University College London, is still offering his textbook, Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning, for free. This text looks quite extensive. The website also includes matlab code for many of the algorithms in the book.