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  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta 7

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta 7

    The year is coming to an end. The Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years/Holiday season is upon us. Thus, the announcements are pretty slow and will probably continue for the next couple weeks. However, there are still a few cloud data science announcements to highlight. News Microsoft SandDance v2This is a very neat tool for visualizing and exploring your…

  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Wow, the last two weeks were taken over by the flurry of announcements from Amazon. Even though Amazon is taking a break from announcements (probably focusing on Christmas shoppers), there are still some updates in the cloud data science world. Here they are. News Google AutoML for Natural Language goes GAExtracting meaning from text is…

  • Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

    Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

    The fine folks at Microsoft have put together an excellent Single Page Cheatsheet for Azure Machine Learning Algorithms. It is very helpful for Azure, but it is also helpful for understanding when and why to use a particular algorithm. Here is the machine learning algorithm cheatsheet. Start in the large blue box, “What do you…

  • Introduce Children to Machine Learning

    It is Computer Science Education Week and in 2019 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most popular and influential topics in technology. That is why I was so excited when Code.org launched a training specifically aimed at the topics. It is called AI for Oceans and it is geared for children (or…

  • KDD 2020 Opens Call for Papers

    This weeks guest post comes from KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining). Every year they host an excellent and influential conference focusing on many areas of data science. Honestly, KDD has been promoting data science way before data science was even cool. 1989 to be exact. They have opened a call for papers for the…

  • AWS re:Invent 2019 Livestream

    AWS re:Invent 2019 starts today. It is a large learning conference dedicated to Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing. Parts of the event will be livestreamed, so you can watch from anywhere. Based upon the announcements last week, there will probably be a lot of focus around machine learning and deep learning.

  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta #4

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta #4

    In the United States, it is a holiday week, so the news is pretty limited from many of the big cloud providers. Luckily, Amazon has come through with a flurry of machine learning announcements. Amazon is holding their annual re:Invent Conference next week, so maybe these announcements are precursors to some bigger news next week.…

  • Storing Data On a Piece of Glass – Microsoft’s Project Silica

    Storing Data On a Piece of Glass – Microsoft’s Project Silica

    Last week at Microsoft Ignite 2019, Microsoft Research announced the release of Project Silica. This is an amazing new technology to store data on a piece of glass. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to sit down with Antony Rowstron, Deputy Lab Director at Microsoft Research, and ask him all my questions. What…

  • Coursera Course for AWS Machine Learning

    learn AWS Machine Learning on Coursera

  • Open Source Data Science Projects 2019

    A number of new impactful open source projects have been released in 2019. Here is a small list.

  • Getting Your First Job in Data Science

    Getting Your First Job in Data Science

    Getting your first data science job might be challenging, but it’s possible to achieve this goal with the right resources. Plus, this post includes a free, complete guide to getting your first data science job.

  • Complete ML Study Path On Github

    Recently updated, is the March 2019 Machine Learning Study Path. It contains links and resources to learn Tensorflow and Scikit-Learn. If you are interested in details on the study path and how to best use the resources. There is a livestream on Facebook, Sunday March 17 on the Math for Data Science Facebook page.