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  • New Graph Database Book

    New Graph Database Book

    O’Reilly is releasing a free early (unedited) edition of the book, Graph Databases. The book is authored by Ian Robinson, Jim Webber, and Emil Eifrém. All three authors are members of Neo Technology, the maker of the super-popular Neo4j graph database.

  • Nice GraphDB and NoSQL Talk

    This is a wonderful talk by Max DeMarzi (he has a very informative blog as well). If you are new to NoSQL or Graph Databases, I highly recommend this video. One comment stuck out for me: You’re never gonna run out of nodes when you get to half a trillion… That is a really big…

  • 2 Recently Released Open Source Graph-Related Projects

    GraphBuilder Intel Labs built a tool for constructing mathematical graphs out of large datasets. It is Java based and works with Hadoop and MapReduce. Intel has release a whitepaper explaining more about GraphBuilder. The code is available on Github. A big thanks to Mark Nickel for pointing out this project. ArangoDB ArangoDB is a flexible…

  • Neo4j and Bioinformatics Webinar

    Neo Technology, the company behind the graph database Neo4j, is hosting a webinar on Thursday. Pablo Pareja from the Bio4j project will provide an overview of bioinformatics and neo4j, as well as some applications. Bioinformatics can be viewed as data science for biology. Bioinformatics was cool before data science was even a term. If you…

  • BigData and the GraphDB

    https://speakerdeck.com/u/okram/p/titan-the-rise-of-big-graph-data This presentation introduces Titan, which is a new graph database for bigdata. It integrates with a backend of either Cassandra or Hbase. Titan is created by Aurelius.