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  • How to stand out as a fresh graduate looking for a data science job?

    As a college or university student, it can be difficult to stand out when looking for your first data science job. Here is a suggestion. Build a project you can share with prospective employers. If you like this video, subscribe to the YouTube channel, Ryan Swanstrom, for more videos like this.

  • NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon

    The National Basketball Association is hosting an Analytics Hackathon. Application are accepted until August 6, 2017 and the actual competition occurs on September 23-24, 2017. The competition has 2 focus areas: Basketball Analytics Business Analytics The prizes for winning consist of: Lunch with NBA Commissioner A trip to the All-Star Game Tickets to a game…

  • Choosing a Data Science Graduate Program

    Due to the large list of Colleges with Data Science Degrees, I receive a number of email inquires with questions about choosing a program. I have not attended any of the programs, and I am not sure how qualified I am to provide guidance. Anyhow, I will do my best to share what information I…