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  • Physician to Developer with @alais29.dev: TDI 10

    “one thing that I specially love is the tech community” — Alfonsina Lizardo 🧑‍💻 (@alais29.dev) on Threads Today we have @alais29.dev. You list gamer in your bio @alais29.dev, how has being a gamer impacted or influenced your software development career? Hi Ryan! Glad to be a part of this dev inerviews! I think being a…

  • Web Development with @hi.im.vijay: TDI 9

    “It’s [Web Development] constantly changing, which can be exhausting at times but also fun to keep up with the latest innovations.” — Vijay Pemmaraju (@hi.im.vijay) on Threads We can start out by talking about web development. @hi.im.vijay how did you get into web development? Hello! Lovely to be here and excited to answer some questions!…

  • Science will use gaming for crunching data

    Science will use gaming for crunching data This is an interesting article about how science will use online-gaming to solve some of sciences most difficult questions. Players think they are just solving