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  • Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for March 23, 2018

    Apache Spark, Databricks, Neural Networks, University Partnerships, and water systems: Here are the latest articles from Microsoft regarding cloud data science products and updates. Training State-of-the-Art Neural Networks in the Microsoft Azure Cloud – I noticed that you said tested all of the code for your new deep learning book on the Microsoft Data Science…

  • Free Webinar – Infrastructure for Usable Machine Learning

    Once again, The Data Incubator is hosting a free monthly webinar. In April, the event features, Matei Zaharia, Ph.D. Matei is the creator of Spark, Co-founder of DataBricks, and an Assistant Professor at Stanford. Join the webinar to learn about Matei’s latest project, Stanford DAWN. The webinar is: Tue, April 3, 2018 at 5:30 PM EDT