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  • Data Visualization Society Launches

    Data Visualization Society Launches

    A new community for data visualization professionals has launched. It is called the Data Visualization Society.

  • Data USA Visualizations

    DataUSA.io a huge collection of visualizations displaying U.S. public data. It is fun to browse the visualizations, plus there is also an API.

  • 7 Tools for Data Visualization in R, Python, and Julia

    7 Tools for Data Visualization in R, Python, and Julia

  • School without Water, Electricity or Toilets

    Sound appealing? Probably not! Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Even worse, this sad reality is only for those children lucky enough to even attend school. In the world today, there are 58 million out of school children, and 43% of those children will never start attending school. FFunction,…

  • 3 Great Data Science Books You Can Read Now…for free

    Just this week, I have become aware of 3 free online books for data science. Data Visualization with Javascript If you are looking for a tutorial to teach you how to make wonderful visualizations on the web, look no further. Data Visualization with JavaScript is a free online book for learning data visualization with Javascript.…

  • Accel Partners: Data Visualization and Data Stories

    Accel Partners, one of the largest big data investment firms, hosted a panel discussion on Data Visualization and Data Stories. Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, hosts the discussion. Two great visualization experts that come up in the talk are, Fernanda ViƩgas and Martin Wattenberg.

  • This Data Tells A Story

    There is nothing magical about this data. It is just income data. The magic comes from the excellent visualizations, and the story being told. If you need to make your data come to life, this video is an excellent example.

  • Tornado Path Visualization

    Here is a data visualization of the paths of tornadoes in the US over the past 56 years. The brighter the blue, the more intense the tornado. This is also an excellent example of using opendata. The raw data is available at data.gov. Tornado Tracks infographic by johnmnelson. Please continue to pray for the people…