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  • Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Data mining is the process of discovering these patterns among the data and is therefore also known as Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD).

  • Yinyang K-Means: A Drop-In Replacement of the Classic K-Means

    This week; Yufei Ding, Yue Zhao, Xipeng Shen, Madanlal Musuvathi, and Todd Mytkowicz will be presenting Yinyang K-means at the 2015 International Conference on Machine Learning. The algorithm guarantees the same results as traditional K-means, but it produces results with an order of magnitude higher performance. An abstract of the paper and a PDF download…

  • Cloudera Machine Learning Slides

    A very nice slidedeck from Jeff Hammerbacher of Cloudera. It goes over k-means clustering and some enhancements. 20130521mlmeetup from Jeff Hammerbacher

  • Free Textbook: Mining of Massive Datasets

    A few professors from Stanford University have released version 1.1 of their textbook, Mining of Massive Datasets. The book has been created from materials used for a couple of Stanford computer science classes including large-scale data-mining and web mining. The book looks excellent and really focuses on the analysis of data at a large scale.…

  • Machine Learning: Algorithms that Produce Clusters | Architects Zone

    Machine Learning: Algorithms that Produce Clusters | Architects Zone. The above article provides a nice brief overview of 5 clustering algorithms. K-Means Hierarchical Clustering Fuzzy C-Means Multi-Gaussian with Expectation-Maximization Density-based Cluster This goes well with a previous post about 6 Machine Learning Algorithms.