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  • A Comparison of NoSQL Offerings

    Kristof Kovacs put together an excellent comparisons of the different NoSQL products. Here are the products it covers. MongoDB Riak CouchDB Redis HBase Neo4j Cassandra Membase

  • BigData and the GraphDB

    https://speakerdeck.com/u/okram/p/titan-the-rise-of-big-graph-data This presentation introduces Titan, which is a new graph database for bigdata. It integrates with a backend of either Cassandra or Hbase. Titan is created by Aurelius.

  • Challenge To Future Developers: Start Storing More Data

    Dear Future Developers Please store as much data as possible. Do not worry about the cost of the extra storage disks. The value in the data will far outweigh the cost of the hardware. Here are some examples of data that could be stored but is typically not. Start storing data about the order in…

  • Twitter, NoSQL and Data Analysis

    This is a lengthy but very good slide deck on the what/why of the tools used at Twitter. Note: The slide deck is about 2 years old. NoSQL at Twitter (NoSQL EU 2010) View more presentations from Kevin Weil