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  • Cloud Data Science 6

    Cloud Data Science 6

    All the large cloud providers had some announcements this past week, plus a global artificial intelligence organization had some news to share. News Azure Stream Analytics Anomaly DetectionAzure Stream Analytics now has built-in anomaly detection capabilities. You no longer need to build and train your own custom anomaly detection model. Azure IoT Cental has updated…

  • Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

    Machine Learning Algorithm Cheatsheet

    The fine folks at Microsoft have put together an excellent Single Page Cheatsheet for Azure Machine Learning Algorithms. It is very helpful for Azure, but it is also helpful for understanding when and why to use a particular algorithm. Here is the machine learning algorithm cheatsheet. Start in the large blue box, “What do you…

  • Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Fundamentals of Data Mining

    Data mining is the process of discovering these patterns among the data and is therefore also known as Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD).

  • Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for March 30, 2018

    Here are the latest articles from Microsoft regarding cloud data science products and updates. Some of the topics this week: Azure ML, AI Research, Intelligent Cloud, and Anomaly Detection. What is Azure Machine Learning Studio? – Machine Learning Studio is where data science, predictive analytics … Click Gallery and you’ll be taken to the Azure…