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  • Writing with @elleunchained: TDI 30

    “In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be enough work to go around and that would be such a good thing.” Elleunchained (@elleunchained) on Threads Today we have a very special guest, @elleunchained. She is a writer not a dev, but the dev world needs this.Let’s start with a process question. Once you decide to write…

  • The Impact of AI with @sung.kim.mw: TDI 28

    “As AI proliferates, people will seek non-AI content to regain a sense of humanity.” Sung Kim (@sung.kim.mw) on Threads Today we have @sung.kim.mw, for regular life, what is going to be the biggest impact of AI in the next few years? AI is a tool, similar to a smartphone, that we hope will enhance our…

  • AI Research with @iamanneharris: TDI 26

    “I was always keenly aware that all of the activity was teaching me ways to interact with systems that one day might need me as much as I had needed them.” — P Anne Harris (@iamanneharris) on Threads Today we have @iamanneharris. What is one thing about AI that keeps you up at night? Humans.…

  • Hacking Startups, Scaling Sites and Sipping Knowledge: An Espresso Chat with @zvonimirfras: TDI 22

    “If you’re not learning A LOT, something’s not right. Change it up.” — Zvonimir Fras (@zvonimirfras) on Threads Today we have @zvonimirfras. You were the first software engineer at a startup. What was that like? Chaotic 😛 They initially hired me to kick-start their web platform, but I also got to help with computer vision…

  • Disinformation Research with @lucas_a_meyer: TDI 21

    “In general, the most common use of the work I do is to remove bad stuff from the Internet or tag it as suspicious.” — Lucas A. Meyer (@lucas_a_meyer) on Threads Today we have @lucas_a_meyer. How did your career lead you to become a researcher in the AI and LLM space? Although I always wanted…

  • The Future of Software using AI and No-code with @vpalepu: TDI 20

    “What happens when AI ends up making mistakes? Who is responsible for fixing them?” — Vijay (@vpalepu) on Threads Today we have @vpalepu. We are entering an era in which AI can write code, what are the concerns of software written by AI? Great question! And I wanted to couch my answer in some basic…

  • Nhung Ho – Data Science in a Cloud World

    Nhung Ho – Data Science in a Cloud World

    This is a great talk for data scientists and managers of technology teams. If you do data science in 2020 or beyond, there is a good chance the cloud will be involved. Topics covered: Lessons learned when migrating data science (or technology in general) to the cloud AI services available via different cloud providers Workflows…

  • The tech and people of AI

    The tech and people of AI

    The tech and people of AI are presented nicely in this infographic. There is tons of information in here, so take your time. Plus, leave a comment with any details you find surprising or interesting. You can also find more infographics at Visualistan Also, Data Science 101 has posted many other data-specific infographics.

  • The Difference between AI and ML

    The Difference between AI and ML

    It is easy to get the Difference between AI and ML mistaken these days. They are closely related topics. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence has nearly as many definitions as people you ask. Here are two intriguing definitions I have heard. “Anything Computers cannot do … yet!” appears in many places, original source…

  • New Online Data Summit Coming Fall 2019

    New Online Data Summit Coming Fall 2019

    A new online conference focused on cloud data technologies is coming fall 2019. The focus of the event is data in the cloud (migrating, storing and machine learning)

  • How to know if Microsoft Azure is down?

    How to know if Microsoft Azure is down?

    Occasionally a product in Microsoft Azure will go down. Luckily, Azure has a status page to tell you which servers and services are down. Here is a quick video to help you find that status page.

  • One Pixel Attacks on Neural Networks

    An enlightening video about how a single pixel change can fool a neural network.