Category: Site of the Week

  • Online Manifesto Data Practices

    A group of data-minded people have put together a manifesto for data practices. It is available on the Data Practices website. It lists ethics, values, and principles for effective data teamwork. You are invited to read and sign if you agree.

  • Coursera’s New Online Masters of Applied Data Science Degree

    Coursera has partnered with the University of Michigan to launch a new master’s degree entirely online through the Coursera platform. The new Master of Applied Data Science degree will launch in Fall of 2019. Also of interest, Arizona State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign both announced masters degrees in computer science (both…

  • SQL Tutorial from Chartio

    Chartio put together a nice online interactive tutorial for learning SQL. SQL is almost an essential tool for data science. Rarely is there a project where knowing SQL is not necessary.

  • Data Science Live Book

    Pablo Casas has published a book freely available online, Data Science Live Book. To quote from the book, It is a book about data preparation, data analysis and machine learning. The book is open source, and the code examples are written in R.

  • Columbia University Applied Machine Learning Online

    Columbia University’s course Applied Machine Learning Spring 2018 by Andreas C. Müller has all the lecture notes, slides, homework, and videos posted online. Andreas is also the author of the book Introduction to Machine Learning with Python.

  • DataCamp Community News Site

    DataCamp recently launched a new community site, Data Science News, for sharing and discovering data science news. It is similar to Hacker News if you are familiar with that site.

  • Google Colaboratory

    Google has recently released a Jupyter Notebook platform called Google Colaboratory. You can run Python code in a browser, share results, and save your code for later. It currently does not support R code.

  • Deep Learning Coursera Specialization

    Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera and Deep Learning Expert, is launching a new specialization on Coursera. Details can be found at or the Deep Learning Specialization Page. The specialization consists of 5 courses. They are free to audit and watch the videos. There is a fee to get graded assignments and receive a certificate…

  • NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon

    The National Basketball Association is hosting an Analytics Hackathon. Application are accepted until August 6, 2017 and the actual competition occurs on September 23-24, 2017. The competition has 2 focus areas: Basketball Analytics Business Analytics The prizes for winning consist of: Lunch with NBA Commissioner A trip to the All-Star Game Tickets to a game…

  • Seeing Theory – A Visual Intro to Stats

    Daniel Kunin from Brown University created a totally stunning and interactive site named Seeing Theory. It provides a visual introduction to many concepts in statistics and probability. Definitely worth checking out and sharing with others. Tip: it does not work well on mobile.

  • Site For Undergraduate Data Science Programs

    Karl Schmitt, Director of Data Sciences at Valparaiso University, has started a blog to share his experiences with building an undergraduate data science program. The blog is titled, From the Director’s Desk. Karl is regularly posting about textbooks, curriculum, visualizations and learning objectives from the perspective of an educator. Tons of great resources!

  • It is Open Data Day!

    March 4, 2017 is Open Data Day. Open Data Day is an annual celebration across the globe. Over 300 groups around the world schedule activities to use open data for their communities. See if there is a gathering in your area. Also, the focus this year is on: Open research data Tracking public money flows…