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  • Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources

    Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources

    Quantum Computing is starting to gain attention in the developer world and startup circles. Here is a large listing of resources for learning about quantum computing. Quantum Computing Books Quantum Computing Courses Quantum Computing Blogs Quantum Computing Research Quantum Computing Podcasts Quantum Computing Companies Large Companies doing Quantum Computing In addition to the large cloud…

  • Elements of Data Science – A free Jupyter Notebook Textbook

    Elements of Data Science – A free Jupyter Notebook Textbook

    Elements of Data Science by Allen Downey is a freely available textbook. It consists of Jupyter Notebooks on Google Colab, so you can view and edit code if you want. This could be a great way to begin your data science and programming journey.

  • Free Probability Textbook

    Free Probability Textbook

    Introduction to Probability by Joseph Blitzstein and Jessica Hwang is available as a free PDF on Google Docs. The book contains: Distributions Random Variables Markov Chains Monte Carlo All the background Math Code Examples in R and lots more….

  • Sys Admin to Dev with TDI 13

    “Write lots of code. Build things. And most importantly, have fun!” — Wayne Simmerson ( on Threads Today we have Wayne, Your profile mentions being *Unix Admin, did you do that before becoming a developer? If so, how did that transition go? I do both currently. I’ve always loved programming but ended up joining…

  • Free Machine Learning Textbook

    Free Machine Learning Textbook

    Christopher Bishop, a Technical Fellow at Microsoft Research, has released his textbook Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning as a free PDF download.

  • Free Reinforcement Learning Textbook

    Free Reinforcement Learning Textbook

    Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction by Rich Sutton and Andrew Barto was recently released on October 15, 2018. A free version is available online.

  • Computational and Inferential Thinking Online Book

    Computational and Inferential Thinking Online Book

    The textbook for the UC Berkeley Data Science course is available for free online at Computational and Inferential Thinking. It is an online textbook and appears to be created as a collection of Jupyter notebooks. Here are some of the topics covered: An Intro to Python for Data Science Basic Plotting Estimation Regression Classification and much more…

  • Site For Undergraduate Data Science Programs

    Karl Schmitt, Director of Data Sciences at Valparaiso University, has started a blog to share his experiences with building an undergraduate data science program. The blog is titled, From the Director’s Desk. Karl is regularly posting about textbooks, curriculum, visualizations and learning objectives from the perspective of an educator. Tons of great resources!

  • Berkeley Undergrad Data Science Course and Textbook

    The University of California at Berkeley has started The Berkeley Data Science Education Program. The goal is to build a data science education program throughout the next several years by engaging faculty and students from across the campus. The introductory data science course is targeting freshman and it is taught from a very applicable and…

  • Free Stats book for Computer Scientists

    Professor Norm Matloff from the University of California, Davis has published From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science which is an open textbook. It approaches statistics from a computer science perspective. Dr. Matloff has been both a professor of statistics and computer science so he is well suited to write such…

  • Free Deep Learning Book

    Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville are writing a deep learning book for MIT Press. The book is not yet complete, but the drafts of the chapters are all available online. The authors are also collecting comments about the chapters before the book goes to press. The book is broken into 3 sections: Math…

  • 3 Great Data Science Books You Can Read Now…for free

    Just this week, I have become aware of 3 free online books for data science. Data Visualization with Javascript If you are looking for a tutorial to teach you how to make wonderful visualizations on the web, look no further. Data Visualization with JavaScript is a free online book for learning data visualization with Javascript.…